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How can parents foster self-esteem in their children?

Dr. Robert Brooks describes research-based strategies that can help you nurture competence and resilience in your child.

Fostering Motivation in Kids With Learning and Attention Problems

Learn how to help kids sustain the joy of learning for its own sake in the face of their struggles and frustrations.

Understanding college admissions tests

College admissions tests, a rite of passage for high school students, are changing. Here's what you and your child need to know.

Dr. Bruce Hirsch Talks with Parents About Kids' Anxiety

A therapist helps parents sort through their children's anxiety symptoms and suggests effective ways to respond.

Functional assessment: A positive approach to misbehavior at school

When punishment doesn't work, figuring out the reasons behind a child's unruly behavior is a more constructive approach.

It Worked: 9-Year-Old Plays a Role in His Own Success

One mother explains how her son with AD/HD had trouble working in small groups at school -- and how she found a strategy to help him succeed.

It Worked: Setting Goals for the Future

A mother describes a strategy that helped her communicate with her son and his teacher about an issue they disagreed on.

Mackenzie Thorpe's Art "From the Heart"

When it mattered most, a caring teacher gave this now-famous artist with dyslexia the support he needed to pursue his passion.

Invisible targets

One girl's story offers a glimpse into an everyday cruelty: the bullying of children with disabilities.

School Psychologist Fields Parents' Queries

Parents and guest expert, Gina Robuck, discuss IEP goals, testing, writing skills, and other issues involved in raising kids with learning disabilities.