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What Is the Relationship Between AD/HD and Self-Control?

Kids with AD/HD can seem spaced out one minute but hyperfocused the next. Learn why this occurs -- and how trouble with self-control is at the heart of this paradox.

What's the best way to diagnose AD/HD?

A proper evaluation for AD/HD should include a wide array of factors -- including a child's strengths and challenges.

What Can Lead Kids With AD/HD to a Positive Future?

An expert explains how nurturing a child's resilience helps him chart a path to a satisfying future.

Bait-and-switch symptoms

Worried your child has a learning disability or behavioral problem? Make sure his eyes and ears are tuned in before testing his brain.

What I wish I had known

GreatSchools parents share their stories of early warning signs of learning disabilities and difficulties.

The long and winding testing road

Thinking of getting your child assessed for a learning disability? One mother's story offers a glimpse at the inefficiencies and inequities of educational assessment.

Ingredients of Good Research

As you evaluate products and services for your child, you may come across research about their effectiveness. Learn how to distinguish valid research from unreliable claims.

A Senior Citizen Reflects on Her Lifelong Struggle With Dyslexia

A woman identified with dyslexia at age 76 reflects on her lifelong struggles and ultimate triumph.

Raising a Teacher's Awareness About LD and AD/HD - Parents as Educators

Read an expert's practical tips for helping a teacher understand and support your child's learning needs.

Basic Principles of the Responsiveness-to-Intervention Approach

What should parents know about this new approach to identifying learning disabilities? Researcher Dr. Daryl Mellard answers some key questions.