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School Psychologist Fields Parents' Queries

Parents and guest expert, Gina Robuck, discuss IEP goals, testing, writing skills, and other issues involved in raising kids with learning disabilities.

Choose the Summer Program That's Right for Your Child

Setting your priorities first will help you sort through the specialty programs and camps to find the best ones for your child.


Parent-teacher conferences are coming. Are you prepared for what you might hear?

Make it a perfect learning summer

Finding the perfect camp when your child has LD

Testing, testing

Having an IEP doesn't guarantee accommodations on college admissions tests.

Will make eye contact

How to write social skills IEP goals that work.

Detecting learning problems in your child

Six areas parents should focus on when assessing their kids.

Growing Up Gifted With ADHD

Being bright and creative -- but having a mind that wanders and words that elude you -- create special challenges. One young girl describes her experience.

Does My Son Have ADHD?

My first-grade son is doing okay in school but he receives extra help in reading and speech. He has a very hard time focusing and concentrating and sometimes it seems like he is in another world when you talk to him. It can take an...