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Think kids grow up to become great on their own? Think again.

Bitter Melon

An excerpt from Cara Chow's new novel about growing up the daughter of a strict and demanding Chinese mother.

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How to get your child to behave, and achieve more harmony at home.

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In the heat of the moment, it can be hard for your child to stay out of trouble. Give him these tools for dealing with peer pressure when it happens.

Power words

Four words that can help your child be the best possible person -- at home and school.

What to do when there's a problem with your child

How to work with your child's teacher

How to get children to control their behavior

Three ways to help your child to behave well.

Books on peer pressure

This list of books - fiction and non-fiction - on peer pressure can help you and your older child. Print it out and bring to your library.

Six ways to help your child deal with peer pressure

Saying "No" to friends can be hard. Here's how to make it easier.

Motivating the unmotivated student

Here's how you can help your student plan for the future.