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How Can I Help My Son Write More Neatly?

My son is very smart. He is reading at a third-grade level and very good in all other subjects, but his penmanship is poor. He puts no effort into it. It's always very sloppy, and I know he can do better. How do I motivate...

My Child Won't Complete His Work

Help! My child refuses to complete any class work. The teacher gives him plenty of time to complete his work in class. At the end of the day, she fills out what he is missing and sends it home with him with a note telling...

Should I Push My Son to Read Harder Books?

My son is a struggling reader. The books that he chooses to read at home are too easy for him, and he'll read the same easy books over and over again. I tell him to pick out other books that are more difficult, and he...

How Can I Get My Child to Finish Her Work?

My daughter has been getting worse and worse at school. I am a stay-at-home mom and her dad is around quite a bit, too. She has been forgetting her homework. After school the teacher asks her if she has her work and her books with...

My Son Is Smart, Slow and Stubborn

My son is pretty smart and was just accepted into his school's "gifted and talented" program. The problem is he does everything slowly including copying a simple assignment, taking a bath and eating. He also gets extremely distracted. For example, when he is...

Guilt-free video games

Think gaming companies only prey on your child's baser instincts? Check out these seven video games with creative and humanitarian themes.

Beach reads for kids

Grade schoolers can explore far-off places (an island or asteroid, perhaps?) with these summer adventures.

Word games for families

Look for license plates or get rhyming with these summer word games.

Summertime science

Wish your child were getting a better science education? Use this list of products, books, and toys to enrich those lazy summer days with mind-blowing scientific fun.

Undercover calculation

Seven fun ways to work math into your kids' everyday routine.