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Your fifth grader and science

Fifth graders get an up-close view of animal and plant life by examining the structure of cells.

Your fourth grader and science

Fourth graders study electrical circuits as well as the properties of conductors and insulators.

Your middle schooler and science

From body systems to solar systems, find out which scientific concepts middle schoolers are expected to master.

Your high schooler and science

Science for life: Students in high school traverse the college track

Your first grader and social studies

Students get a glimpse of history, geography, and culture by studying our country's traditions.

Your fifth grader and the arts

In a rich art program, your child will learn about visual arts, music, theater, and dance.

Your third grader and art

Third graders work independently and in groups to create more detailed art. They identify art from different parts of the world and learn new art techniques.

Your third grader and music

Third graders sing, move to music, and begin to play simple melody instruments. They also learn how instruments work together in an orchestra.

What's another word for...?

Play this game to teach your child more words.

Your first grader’s reading under the Common Core Standards

Reading is the key to building knowledge – and building your first grader’s knowledge is the key to raising a strong reader.