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Map that house

How you can help at home: Practice beginning mapping skills with your first-grader by mapping your house onto graph paper.

Frijole formula

Help your kindergartner build math skills with this bean-counting activity.

Cool kitchen science: Handmade ice cream

Give your first- or second-grader a beginner's lesson in chemistry with a favorite, frozen childhood treat.

Create a Scroll

How you can help at home: Learn about an important aspect of Egyptian culture and art by creating your own scroll.

Pantry poetry: let food be your muse

Let food inspire your child to practice descriptive writing.

Word games for families

Look for license plates or get rhyming with these summer word games.

Undercover calculation

Seven fun ways to work math into your kids' everyday routine.

Math's steep summer slide: how far behind is your child?

Kids are losing math skills during the summer. Meanwhile, math standards are becoming more demanding. Here's how to keep your child from plunging down the math slide.

Rev up reading for kindergartners

Easy activities to help your kindergartner master essential reading skills.

Rev up reading for third graders

Simple tips and activities to help your third grade child master essential reading skills.