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Screen-free week

Are your kids spending too much time sitting glassy-eyed in front of a screen? Are you? Here's how to turn it off.

Learning on the go

Worksheets your child can do on grandma's porch, in the car, or at the beach, all summer long.

Summer writing

From making metaphors to writing a news story, these fun summer worksheets will keep writing skills sharp.

Summer numbers

Multiply the learning and the fun with these summer math worksheets.

How is your child’s school teaching math?

Chances are your child’s math class is different than what you remember. Here’s our guide to some of the popular math curricula in schools today.

The power of play

As children slog though grueling schedules of enrichment and academics, researchers have found a connection between brain development and the very thing kids are getting less of.

Tips to improve reading comprehension

Check out these smart tricks to help your child understand what she reads.

The best place to do homework

Go beyond the desk, and check out these ideas for alternative study spaces.

Choosing movies to watch with your child

Tips on how to pick kid-friendly flicks.

How to look at art with your child

An art historian talks about how to get the most out of museums.