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Family man: Bruce Feiler on happy families

After a terrible summer trip, a 21st-century dad realizes happy families don’t just happen, they're made. Best-selling author Bruce Feiler shares what he learned.

Stress and your child's brain

Research suggests that children are affected by stress in surprising ways.

Is social media making your child a fame-seeker?

How often your child updates her profile, tags pictures, and talks on her cell matters – unless you’re raising the next Justin Bieber (in which case, carry on).

My child did what?!? Is that normal?

Little ones do things that make parents wonder — and worry! From biting to hiding things, our guide will help you understand the oddball behaviors of the preschool set.

My Fifth-Grader Doesn't Put Forth Much Effort

My son is in fifth grade and has always been a hard-working student. However, this year, both his teachers and I have noticed that he is not working to his potential. He turns in his assignments late, and is putting forth very little effort. He...

How do I build my child's confidence?

What are some ideas for helping my son with his self-esteem and confidence? We always say we're proud of him and "good job," but he still seems to have a low self-esteem.

Help! My Child Pulls Her Hair Out

My fifth-grader began pulling her hair out when she was in third grade. We first got help from her school guidance counselor and then her pediatrician. We take her to a nutritionist who gives her natural-herbal remedies, and we had her see a therapist (on...

How Do I Build My Daughter's Self-Esteem?

How can I help my daughter raise her self-esteem? My daughter is in gifted program in school and has been making all A's in the class. She's not very outgoing type, sometimes very shy toward new environment but loves reading and could become very talkative...

How Do I Parent Equitably?

I have both a first-grader and a third-grader, and besides being of different genders, they are also different in how they are doing in school. My first-grader is doing wonderfully and has gotten many compliments; however, my third-grade daughter has been struggling.   I like...

My Child Won't Speak Up in Class

My child is 7 years old and in first grade. Her grades are all great. The thing that she doesn't do is talk in class. It has been very hard all year to get her to participate in class. I feel that she is almost...