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Insider tricks for assessing preschools

Our resident school-choice expert offers deal-breakers and red flags on assessing preschools from a distance.

What to expect in preschool: science

Preschool teachers introduce scientific concepts by capitalizing on children's innate curiosity about the world.

Preschool: looking at hours and costs

Consider your work schedule and your child's temperament when deciding on the best preschool schedule.

How important is play in preschool?

As preschools strengthen their academic focus, play maintains a vital role.

Preschool philosophies, A to Z

Learn about different preschool options with specific philosophies or approaches, such as Montessori, Waldorf, and Reggio Emilia.

Preschool signs and symptoms of an LD

How do you know if your child has a learning disability? Learn to read the signs.

What to expect in preschool: math

Sharing pretzels and building block towers: preschool math means recognizing that numbers and patterns are part of everyday life.

What to expect in preschool: literacy

Through pictures, play, and the printed word, preschoolers begin the reading and writing process.

What to expect in preschool: art

Hands-on craft projects in preschool build a surprising set of skills.

Is It Normal To Have Cliques in Preschool?

My daughter already seems to be forming a clique with two of her girlfriends at preschool. Every day, they seek each other out, and they play with each other almost exclusively. They don't shun other kids, but they also don't invite them to play along...