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The incredible true story of the first grader with 40 grades on his report card

We did a double-take at the dizzying number of grades on our 6-year-old's report card — and then we saw the three oddball scales they're using and really got confused.

Who's first?

Which rabbit is fastest? This coloring math worksheet helps your child understand and put in order 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.

Your first grader and music

In music class, first graders sing, play instruments, listen and move to music.

Your first grader and art

First graders explore new art materials and learn the vocabulary and elements of art.

Your first grader and PE

First graders learn about the value of teamwork through group fun like dancing and playing tag.

Your first grader and technology

When first graders use technology in the classroom, they start using a keyboard and master terms like menu, file, save, and quit.

Your first grader and math

Laying a strong foundation: First graders learn about money, time, and measurements -- and that's not all.

Your first grader and science

First graders learn how to use their five senses to observe changes in living and nonliving objects.

Humor books for first graders

Your youngster will smile at the diary of a literate worm or the "smash, mash, and crash" of garbage trucks.

Your first grader and math

Laying strong foundations: First graders learn about money, time, measurements, and more.