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Beach Ball Math

How you can help at home: Try this game to help your child with basic addition and subtraction facts.

Everyday ways to teach math and sharing

Teach kids about sharing and math with these easy tips.

Simple ways to build math skills at home

How you can help at home: Build your child's math skills with these easy strategies.

How is your child’s school teaching math?

Chances are your child’s math class is different than what you remember. Here’s our guide to some of the popular math curricula in schools today.

Does our approach to teaching math fail even the smartest kids?

Here’s why the math education your children need is most likely not what their school is teaching.

How to use sports to help your child's math skills

Watching sports together is a great way to practice math.

Who's first?

Which rabbit is fastest? This coloring math worksheet helps your child understand and put in order 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.

Which comes first?

First you brush your teeth, then you go to bed! In this coloring reading worksheet, your child will identify the order of everyday actions.

Your first grader and Common Core: a cheat sheet

Ever wonder what the Common Core Standards really involve? Here's a quick snapshot of key skills your first grader needs to learn — and how you can help at home.

Worksheets and activities to keep kids busy (and sharp) over winter break: grades K-1

Looking for ways to keep your little one happily engaged in learning activities while school's out? Look no further: these funtivities help build reading, writing, and math skills.