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It's never too late! Learn how teenagers can dramatically improve their reading skills.

Excellent schools: Harlem Village Academy Middle School

What makes a school outstanding? Academic rigor, long hours, community spirit, and mutual respect are just some of the guiding principals of this high-performing charter.

Middle and High School Reading: Tips From the Pros

Teachers and literacy coaches give timely advice on preparing your child for higher level reading.

Middle and High School Reading: Tips for Students

Teachers and a high school student give practical advice for becoming a successful reader in middle and high school.

A middle school parent's college prep guide

You and your child need to start planning for college no later than middle school. Here are seven steps your child and family should take.

Smoothing your child's transition to middle school

Planning and conversation will ease your tween's anxiety about meeting the new, complex demands of middle school.

What worked: Creative learning tips for middle school

GreatSchools parents share their stories about the unique, sometimes unexpected ways they boost their children's learning.

Middle and High School Parent-Teacher Conferences

Your meeting with a teacher can forge a partnership that helps your child make the transition from middle school and high school to adulthood.

How to stay involved in middle and high school

When your child moves on to middle or high school, staying involved in her education can be tricky. Try these strategies to help your child succeed.

Sousa Middle School Students Speak Out

Student reflections on Waiting for "Superman"