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Talking with Your Elementary School Child about Learning Difficulties

Though it isn't always easy, it's essential that you have frank conversations with your child about his learning challenges.

Tech in your child's elementary school: what to look for, what to ask

All this "ed tech" sounds modern and cool – but how can you be sure the devices and apps your child's school is using are actually helping your child learn?

How to praise elementary schoolers

The right (and wrong) way to cheer on your third- through fifth-grader.

Teaching elementary schoolers persistence

How to help your children stick with it (no matter what).

Teaching elementary schoolers self-control

How to help your children think before acting (and resist those marshmallows!).

Tips for teaching generosity: Elementary schoolers

An expert on getting kids to see the point in giving offers strategies for teaching elementary school students the gift of generosity.

Learning to Spell - A Challenge for Elementary Students With LD

Get expert advice on common spelling problems in kids with learning disabilities and tips for conquering them.

10 books that celebrate diversity for early elementary schoolers

From sharing to competition to historical truth, these stories will inspire first, second, and third graders to dream, practice, and persevere.

7 books that celebrate diversity for older elementary schoolers

Stories that grab fourth, fifth, and sixth graders, inviting them to take on new perspectives from characters they'll never forget.

Top summer learning activities for elementary schoolers

Keep your fourth, fifth, or sixth grader sharp all summer with these fun brain boosters.