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The state of civic education: Teaching the citizens of tomorrow

Students' civic knowledge is lagging, but some groups are taking aim at the problem.

Do You Know Your Family Tree?

Putting together a family tree is a great educational activity that uses math, writing, research and history skills.

Telling Tales

How you can help at home: This activity will prepare your young child for learning social studies by building an understanding of family and generations.

Create a mummy

How you can help at home: Make shawabtis, small mummy-like statues, to introduce your child to the art of ancient Egypt.

Create an Obelisk

How you can help at home: To learn about Egyptian art, try making your own obelisk out of paper.

Make an Apple Pie

This fun story has it all: reading, geography, baking and pie! Enjoy this learning activity with your child.

Family Timeline

How you can help at home: Have your child make a timeline of important family events.

Needs and Wants

How you can help at home: Explore needs and wants with your child.

Explore Your Neighborhood

How you can help at home: Walk around your neighborhood with your child and take notes on what you see.

Family Drawing

How you can help at home: In this preschool activity your child learns about families, draws a picture of her family and then tells about someone in the picture.