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Parent cliques: how to handle them at your child's school

What to do when you feel left out of the "in" crowd at your child's school? Follow the advice of the experts: moms and dads who've been in the trenches and made it work.

My 17-Year-Old Doesn't Want to Go to School

My son who is 17 does not want to go to school. He comes up with all kinds of excuses. He won't do the assignments given by teachers. He distracts others. He is breaking his mother's heart and stressing us to the max. What should...

How Can I Get My Teen To Go to School?

I am a single mother of two and my teenage son will not go to school! He is on truancy probation with the county, and he still won't go. I don't know what to do anymore and I don't want to lose my job or...

How Do I Help My Freshman Focus on School?

My son is a freshman this year and I can't get him focused on school and studying. He is always on the defensive. He tells me I nag him too much about school and homework. He was always a good student in grade school and...

How Can I Motivate My Teen to Get Interested in School?

My daughter has been mentioning lately to me that she does not feel motivated to go to school this semester. This sounds strange to me. She does not do some of her assignments or participate as expected in the classroom either. She also said that...

How Not to Be a Helicopter Parent

Helicopter parents hover, intervening in their college-age kids' roommate disputes and making their academic decisions. Are you likely to become one?

Teaching older kids self-control

How to help tweens and teens think before acting (and resist those marshmallows!).

The bully and the bystander

Experts say that empowering bystanders to take action might be the key to stopping bullies.

Sleep Tips: Get Your Teen Some Zzzzs

Sleep may be the secret weapon in helping your teen's academic achievement.

Risky Sexual Relationships in Teens With LD or AD/HD

Teens with LD and/or AD/HD are vulnerable when it comes to sex. An expert tells parents how to educate, not alienate, their teens.