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Rewards chart for kids

Print out this chart to reward your child for good behavior.

Reward chart for kids

Use this reward chart to help your child achieve goals.

Chore chart for kids

Use this chore chart as a fun way to have your child help out at home.

Five tips to help your child love learning

How to send kids the right message (at the right time) about learning.

Words that teach kids how to play nicely

Learning how to play well means knowing the right words to say.

How Can I Help a Child Who Throws Things?

My son is having behavior problems in school. When other kids bother him, he gets angry and throws things at them, like chairs and pencils. He also calls the teacher names and says he does not like her. Today he got suspended. I don't know...

How Can I Stop My Child From Exaggerating?

My 7-year-old is exaggerating, and I am at my wits' end trying to figure out a way to stop this behavior. I want to get a handle on this so that he doesn't become a manipulator. He has had problems with some boys at...

How Can I Help a Distracted Child?

My daughter is a very bright child. However, she is easily distracted and often gets in trouble in class for not following directions, excessive talking or getting distracted and disruptive in class. When we talk to her at home, she cries easily and says she...

Help! My Child Clashes with His Teacher

My son is in first grade.  He did not have any major behavior problems last year. Since we and other people - as well as last year's teacher - haven't had behavior problems with him, we really don't think it is ADHD. His current teacher would...

My Child Won't Speak Up in Class

My child is 7 years old and in first grade. Her grades are all great. The thing that she doesn't do is talk in class. It has been very hard all year to get her to participate in class. I feel that she is almost...