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Your kindergartner and language arts

Children learn to read at different ages, but most discover the connection between letters and sounds in kindergarten.

Resources to help gifted students

Check out these useful links to learn about appropriate curriculum for gifted students and how to support your gifted child.

Bilingual Education: Overview and Online Resources

As the debate continues over how best to teach English language learners, here are resources to help you decide what's best for your child.

Five Ways to Get Smart About Test Scores

It's important to look beyond the raw test results when evaluating a school's academic achievement.

Wondering What to Think About All These Tests?

Do you believe in accountability through statewide tests? Or do you worry that standardized tests will turn schools into test-prep factories?

Your first grader and language arts

First graders build skills by working individually and in small guided groups, as well as listening to stories and singing songs with the whole class.

Partnering with your older child's teacher

How (and why) you should play a key role in your kid's school success.

Your third grader and language arts

Third grade is a turning point for your budding reader, who will spend less time on skills and more time working to understand the meaning of the text.

Your third grader and social studies

Students get a taste of political science as they learn the three branches of government.

Your kindergartner and social studies

How the world works: Kindergartners learn about countries and time.