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How One Mom Helped Get Others Involved

Getting Involved: Tanyit Arellanos organized volunteers to help supervise students and encouraged Latino parents to become involved at school.

School Improvement Begins at Home

Helping your child succeed is the first step toward improving your school.

How One Mom Brought the PTA to Life

Getting Involved: Teresa Maxwell rejuvenated her school's PTA and recruited other parents to join.

How one mom helped improve student writing

Getting Involved: Karen Wiederholt started an afterschool writing workshop for kids who need extra help.

How One Mom Rejuvenated the School Library

Pam Lally brought her school's outdated library back to life.

Ten steps to building a bully-free school

When schools create a culture where everyone belongs, bullying is less of a problem.

Parent involvement primer

If you'd like to get involved at your child's school but aren't sure where to start, you've come to the right place.

Ten easy ways to help your child's school

Volunteering your time or donating equipment can make a big difference at your school. Find out what you can offer.

The role of the school site council

The school site council plays an important role in decision-making at many schools. Find out what the council does and how you can get involved.

From Our Readers: Getting Working Parents Involved

Working parents tell how they get involved and offer suggestions so that schools and parent groups can help them stay involved.