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Family dinner conversation starters

GreatSchools staff members reveal the conversational tips and tricks that work for them.

10 Tips for Avoiding the Land Mines of Perfect Parent World

Forget trying to be the perfect parent and stick to your core values.

Asian Parents and Success: Authors Answer Your Questions

Our article, How Do Asian Students Get to the Top of the Class?, prompted an enormous number of comments and questions from you. We asked the authors, Jane Kim and Dr. Soo Kim Abboud, to answer some of the questions.

Smart money: 7 ways to raise a financially literate child

With schools focused on core subjects, there isn't a lot of room for teaching financial literacy. If you want your child to be smart about money, it's up to you.

How Do Asian Students Get to the Top of the Class?

Why do many Asian students excel? The secret is parenting, say the authors of the provocative book Top of the Class: How Asian Parents Raise High Achievers - and How You Can Too.

How Not to Be a Helicopter Parent

Helicopter parents hover, intervening in their college-age kids' roommate disputes and making their academic decisions. Are you likely to become one?

Finding balance in your child's life

Do you shuttle your child from one activity to the next? Find ways to simplify your child's overscheduled life.

From Our Readers: Helping Kids Make Smart Clothing Choices

GreatSchools' readers share their ideas on how to teach kids to dress appropriately for school.

Talking to your child about school

Help kids communicate about school with these simple tips.

Helping your child connect school to work

Your middle-schooler may not understand why learning algebra, science or how to write essays matters. You can help make those school-to-life connections.