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10 ways to keep your child reading this summer

Use these creative ideas to get your child hooked on reading this summer.

"But Mom, I hate to read!": Tips for reluctant readers

Show your reluctant reader that books can help him do the things he loves.

Help! My Child Hates Reading

My son seems to be having difficulty with the transition from phonics (knowing the sounds that letters make) to actually sounding out words. It just has not "clicked yet," and his reading homework easily frustrates him. Homework sessions quickly degenerate into him crying...

How one mom helped improve student writing

Getting Involved: Karen Wiederholt started an afterschool writing workshop for kids who need extra help.

How Can I Help My Child With Reading?

I have a second-grader who is not reading at grade level. He has struggled since he has been in school. When I talk to the school the first thing they say is to retain him. I am against retaining him because he is the biggest...

How do I help a struggling reader?

My first-grader is struggling with reading. She did not score very well on her beginning of the year assessment and it seems that has discouraged her from wanting to try to read. I think this is also making her dislike school. We are reading with...

How Can I Help With Reading Comprehension?

My first-grader is having problems with reading comprehension. We received a letter from the school stating that he may not be promoted to second grade because he is not reaching the right levels and goals for his school and grade. I must say they have...

How Parents Can Help Older Kids With Reading Problems

Do you have an older child who struggles with reading? An expert explains how you can help him improve his literacy skills.

How Can I Help My Fifth-Grader With Reading Comprehension?

My child has difficulty with reading. She had a tutor and that helped her improve her reading. However, what has not improved is her reading comprehension. What can we do to help her improve her reading comprehension?

How Can I Help My Son Learn the Alphabet?

My son does not seem to be able to recognize letters of the alphabet as expected. His teachers say that he is behind in class. At home if I ask him to point out a specific letter he can do it. If I show him...