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Choosing a school from a distance

Moving? We can help you choose the best school for your child.

How Important Is School Size?

Which is better? Big or small? It all depends on what's a good fit for your child.

Resources for choosing schools

Need help choosing schools? Check these resources to help simplify the process.

Define your ideal school

Decide what is important to you and your family when choosing a school for your child. Consider practical matters, the academic program and the school's culture.

Pitfalls of picking a middle school

Want to find the perfect school? Avoid these 3 top mistakes parents make.

Pitfalls of picking a high school

Want to find the right school for your teen? Avoid the three top mistakes parents make when searching for the best educational experience.

Are charter schools better?

A groundbreaking study offers new insights into charters: Are they outperforming traditional public schools, or are they failing their students?

Imagining your ideal school

About to start your school search? This quick exercise will help you clarify exactly what you're looking for.

Selecting A School for Our Son With LD

Learn from the voice of experience! One parent offers advice on how to research, evaluate and select the best school for a child with a learning disability.

GreatSchools Ratings FAQ

Read these Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about how GreatSchools Ratings are calculated and what they can tell you about a school.