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My Seventh-Grader Is Worried About Bullying

How do you handle returning to school after summer vacation when there was bullying (also called "hazing" nowadays) the previous year? How should this be handled if your seventh-grader never mentioned it when he was new in the previous year? But suddenly he...

Standing up for his son

Eleven-year-old Ty Field-Smalley took his life after being harassed at school. Ever since, his father has made it his mission to fight bullying.

Why are those girls so mean?

Why are adolescent girls so mean to each other, and what can parents do about it?

WATCH: Best viral antibullying videos

Most of these were done by kids, all of them will tug on your heart.

One scary movie you might want your child to see

The documentary, Bully, captures a wicked picture of what’s really going on in schools: rampant bullying and the utter failure of adults to stop it.

Should I Teach My Child to Defend Himself?

My son just received three days in an alternative school for defending himself in a fight. What is upsetting me is that if he did not defend himself, he would be bullied. So what is a parent to do? What is right? Teach your child...

My sixth-grader is insecure about her height

My 12-year-old daughter is very insecure because she is 5'10" and taller than all her friends. She is a good student and has always had great friends. However, in the past month she has cried on three separate occasions about how her friends...

Protect your child from cyberbullies

One in 5 kids is a victim of cyberbullying. Here's how to protect your child.

Bullyproof your child: 8 key takeaways

In our latest #emotionalsmarts Google+ Hangout, experts Emily Bazelon and Maurice Elias discussed bullying and identified 8 things all parents should know.

Parent cliques: how to handle them at your child's school

What to do when you feel left out of the "in" crowd at your child's school? Follow the advice of the experts: moms and dads who've been in the trenches and made it work.