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Research Trends: LD From the Inside - Children's Voices on the Internet

Researchers analyzed thousands of email exchanges between kids to get the insider view of life with a learning disability.

Helping your child find a passion: One mother's story

A mother shares the lessons she learned while helping her son with a learning disability find hobbies he could put his heart into.

College resources for students with LD or AD/HD

Whether your teen with LD or AD/HD is college-bound or already on campus, he'll find this resource list invaluable.

Teens With LD and/or AD/HD: Shopping for College Options

If your child has a learning disability, here's how to find a college whose offerings are a good match for his strengths and needs.

Resources for Adults With Learning Disabilities & Attention-Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder (AD/HD)

Learning disabilities and AD/HD are usually lifelong conditions. This list of resources is geared toward adults living with those challenges.

Career and Technical Student Organizations: Extending Employment Preparation Beyond the Classroom

Middle and high school kids have opportunities for guidance, mentoring, and peer interaction.

ADD in the corner office: Five top executives discovered that an LD can be a capitalist tool

Five top executives reveal their struggles in school ? and their secrets for success!

College Student With Learning Disabilities Designs His Own Future

Success has come one challenging step at a time for this persistent young man with learning disabilities.

Tablespoons & Teaspoons: Teaching Teens With LD the Art of Meal Preparation

Get expert, step-by-step advice on teaching your child with a learning disability or AD/HD to plan and prepare meals.

Dollars and sense: Financial skills for teens with learning disabilities

Help your child with LD or AD/HD develop his money management know-how with these expert tips.