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Bright ideas: Winter fitness tips

Stay active this winter with our readers' suggestions for getting in shape.

Healthy Breakfasts for Healthy Minds

Eating a healthy breakfast can help your child maintain focus on learning throughout the day.

Sleep Tips: Get Your Teen Some Zzzzs

Sleep may be the secret weapon in helping your teen's academic achievement.

Encourage Physical Activity at Home

How you can help at home: Finding the right physical activity for your child will keep her fit.

Child Development: 13- to 16-Year-Olds

Read about typical physical, intellectual, and social growth that kids experience during middle adolescence.

Walk the line

Help preteens and teens stay healthy by establishing a routine for walking.

Taking fitness indoors

Here are easy ways to keep kids active, even in the depths of winter.

Tips for Buying a Backpack and Carrying It Safely

Back-to-School Shopping: Children can avoid muscle strains and posture problems if they buy the right backpacks and carry them correctly, health experts say.

Playing It Safe: Preschool Playground Guidelines

Preschoolers and playgrounds just go together - here's how to make sure your school's yard is hazard-free.

Schools, the flu and vaccines: What You Need to Know

The H1N1 virus has killed thousands of people across the country