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Learning Tips for Home

Check out these educational tips to try at home with your child.

Pop 'n' learn

Help your kindergartner explore his five senses with this multisensory snack.

How to spark a child's interest in learning

Nurture kids' interests and you'll teach them to love learning.

Great learning gifts you won't see on TV

From a rainbow maker to games that stretch the mind, these learning gifts will provide hours of fun while boosting your child's brain.

Apple Seed Multiplication

Try this tasty and fun activity to practice multiplication with your third-grader.

Sock Probability

How you can help at home: Have your child explore probability with socks.

Go bananas with smoothies

Whip up a smoothie to give your child a nutritional boost for breakfast, lunch or any time. These recipes all start with a banana or two.

Create a noisemaker

How you can help at home: This easy-to-make noisemaker reinforces the science skills of observation.

Do You Know Your Family Tree?

Putting together a family tree is a great educational activity that uses math, writing, research and history skills.

Snack Steps

Putting the steps of a recipe in a logical order will help prepare your kindergartner for writing stories.