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Mystery books for second graders

Start solving mysteries with these books about everything from baseball to secret agents.

Mystery books for third graders

Pig detectives? Bully exposés? Start sleuthing in these three mystery books for kids.

Books on the joy of reading

These fun books present the nuts and bolts of reading in whimsical ways.

Science books for kindergartners

From snakes to baby animals to galaxies far, far away, these books will intrigue and delight your junior scientist.

Science books for first graders

Bounty for kids who are curious about giant squid, infinity, gross animal habits, and other natural wonders. (And what kid isn't?)

Science books for second graders

From polar ice caps to sweltering deserts, these books will take your kids on a journey across the globe - and beyond!

History books for kindergartners

Heroes of the past come to life - and transform the future - in these history books your child will love.

History books for first graders

From child heroes to fantastic inventions, these books bring history to life.

History books for second graders

Secret soldiers, sneaky cats, and intrepid pioneers bring the past to life.

Art books for kindergartners

Sunflowers, symphonies, and beautiful blunders: books about art your child will love.