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Addictive behaviors: Smoking, drinking and media

Alcohol ads affects underage drinking. Kids are bombarded with thousands of images of smoking in movies alone. Here is how parents can fight back.

Dropout Nation: an inside look at why our kids aren’t graduating

Kids are dropping out of high school at epidemic rates. A revealing new documentary follows students at a “dropout factory” in Houston to show students’ incredible obstacles and how educators are fighting back. But it begs the question: where are the parents?

One scary movie you might want your child to see

The documentary, Bully, captures a wicked picture of what’s really going on in schools: rampant bullying and the utter failure of adults to stop it.

Don't let their brains melt

Avoid summer school (and summer brain drain) with a little e-learning.

A literary film fiesta for the holidays

Hollywood takes a page from kids' lit this holiday season.