Articles about:

Help your child break the video game addiction

How to limit your child's screen time and avoid media addiction.

Keeping your child safe online

Three tips for keeping kids out of trouble online.

Make an Invitation

How you can help at home: Have your child make an invitation on the computer.

Your third grader and technology

Third graders learn the names of various computer parts and how to use a mouse to maneuver items on the screen.

Your fourth grader and technology

Fourth graders may do Internet research and use various types of software to complete activities that build on their classroom learning.

Your fifth grader and technology

By the end of fifth grade, your child should demonstrate advanced keyboarding skills to edit her work.

Your kindergartner and technology

Kindergartners use computers to kick-start learning in math, social studies, and reading.

Your first grader and technology

When first graders use technology in the classroom, they start using a keyboard and master terms like menu, file, save, and quit.

Your second grader and technology

Your second-grader will learn to use technology tools like clip art, email, and even simple graphing software.

Create a comic book

How you can help at home: Your child will learn to create his own family comic book. This activity builds writing and computer skills.