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The College Search: How You Can Help Your Child

Applying to college can be stressful. This is likely the first decision your child will make that has such important consequences. Learn how you can help.

Choosing College Courses: Heeding Advice From Adults vs. Peers

A mother tells how her daughter learned the hard way whose advice to trust when choosing college courses.

Web Tools Help Find the Right College for Your Student

These Web sites provide tools to help narrow the field for your college-seeking student.

Will My High School's Low Rating Affect My College Chances?

I am currently a junior at a Long Beach, California, high school, and I was wondering since my high school rating is at the basic average, will that affect me when I apply? Also, I would like to go to a European college for fashion...

What Do You Want To Be? Parents and Counselors Give Teens Career Guidance

High school students need direction on their career path, and parents and counselors each play a key role.

Planning For College: A Team Effort

A successful college graduate with AD/HD shares how she and her parents worked together to plan for college.

Get ready for college reading

Here's what to do to make sure your student is prepared for college-level reading.

Tips for starting a college fund

Affording college may be easier than you think.

Back to basics: A supply list for college

As your high school graduate prepares to make the move from home to dorm, keep this checklist of college essentials handy.

College-going rates vary widely in California

Find out who's going to college in the Golden State