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Can you spot a scholarship scam?

Families eager to find scholarships can become easy targets for financial aid con artists. Here's how to be a smart consumer.

529 Plans: Look Before You Leap

Opening a 529 plan can help you save for college, but you need to do your homework to avoid expensive mistakes.

How Savings Affect Financial Aid

Saving for college pays, even when it comes to receiving financial aid. Here's why.

How the Borrowing Process Works

Federal loans are the largest form of student aid, making up 41% of the total aid awarded to undergraduates each year. Here's a primer on the process.

Do parents — if they can afford it — owe their child a college education?

Paying for school, be it private school or college, is no small task. When it comes to finances, adulthood, and parents' responsibility for their child's education, determining where to draw the line can be tough.

Financial aid for students with LD: Guides and resources

Financial assistance is available for students with LD of all ages, through many resources.

More California students defaulting on loans

Troubling increase in students unable to pay