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Selecting a summer camp for kids with learning or attention problems

When searching for a summer camp, you'll want to start early, ask the right questions, and have a good grasp of your child's needs and interests.

Finding Local Resources When Your Child Struggles to Learn

As you start your search for information about learning and attention problems, you may find some great resources close to home.

Before Special Ed: How Pre-Referral Works

The pre-referral process can help determine if your child needs special education services.

Signs of an LD in middle and high school

How do you know if your tween or teen has a learning disability? Learn to read the signs.

Evaluation: An overview

What to expect when your child's learning strengths and needs are evaluated.

Understanding and Preparing Your Child for Psychoeducational Testing

What is psychoeducational testing? How can you prepare your child for it? Author and parent Kim Glenchur offers clear answers to your questions.

What Standardized Tests Do and Don't Tell You

Today's students must take many standardized tests, yet students with learning problems often perform poorly on them. An expert explains how parents accurately measure growth and progress in kids who struggle.

Terms Used in Individual Standardized Tests

If a specialist has assessed your child for a learning problem, you probably have a report outlining the test results. Are you confused about the test results -- what they mean for your child? This article may answer your questions.

Controversial Therapies: Why Do Some Unproven Therapies Become Popular?

This article explains the appeal of unproven therapies for learning disabilities -- and warns you what to watch out for.

LD Fast Facts

These surprising statistics provide a snapshot of how learning disabilities impact kids nationwide.