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AD/HD: An overview

Sometimes your child doesn't pay attention or follow directions, but is it AD/HD? A guide to diagnosing and dealing with this disorder.

Seven myths about AD/HD...debunked!

The truth behind seven mistaken beliefs about AD/HD.

What are Some Myths About People With AD/HD?

Some people claim AD/HD represents a set of evolutionary qualities that helped our ancestors survive. An expert debunks this theory by explaining how AD/HD reflects weaknesses in the development of efficient self-regulation and self-control.

Understanding Girls with AD/HD: Symptoms and Strategies

Girls with AD/HD often suffer in silence - and remain undiagnosed. When their symptoms finally surface, they can be dangerous. Learn what to watch for in your daughter - and how to help her.

Home Alone: Leaving Your Teen With LD and/or AD/HD Unsupervised

If leaving your teen unsupervised raises special concerns, these strategies may help manage the risks.

Dr. Bruce Hirsch Talks with Parents About Kids' Anxiety

A therapist helps parents sort through their children's anxiety symptoms and suggests effective ways to respond.

Helping English Language Learners Who Struggle in School

English language learners often struggle in American classrooms. How can parents and teachers determine if there's more going on, such as a learning disability? There are methods to help pinpoint the cause.

Does your child have AD/HD or something else?

Learn about other conditions that are sometimes mistaken for symptoms of AD/HD.

AD/HD and Common Coexisting Conditions

Ideally, a diagnosis of AD/HD should consider a child's symptoms as well as the degree to which they impair his functioning at home and school.

What Is the Relationship Between AD/HD and Self-Control?

Kids with AD/HD can seem spaced out one minute but hyperfocused the next. Learn why this occurs -- and how trouble with self-control is at the heart of this paradox.