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Anne Ford's memoir: The pain and joy of raising a child with LD

Even wealth and fame didn't protect this loving mother from the challenges that come with raising a child who has a learning disability.

A mother's progress report

A mother reflects on how she has made progress, just as her middle school son with AD/HD has.

Parent coaching for children with AD/HD and learning disabilities

This parent coaching system can help you shape your child's behavior at home and in the outside world.

Building the Bond between Fathers and Kids With Learning Difficulties

Here are tips for dads to help them be more actively engaged in the life of their child with learning disabilities.

Coming to terms with your child's learning disability

It's normal to experience a range of emotions when your child is struggling in school. Facing your feelings and working through them can help you come to terms with your child's LD.

Partnering With the Teacher When Your Child has LD

If your child has learning or attention difficulties, it really pays to take a few minutes early in the school year to introduce yourself and your child to his new teacher.

How to Help Your Child With LD Manage Homework

Work with the teacher to determine how much and what kind of homework works best for your child.

How can parents foster self-esteem in their children?

Dr. Robert Brooks describes research-based strategies that can help you nurture competence and resilience in your child.

Can changing my behavior toward my child improve our relationship?

Are you stuck in a cycle of negative interactions with your child? An expert tells you how to give up those negative scripts and forge a more positive relationship.

How to evaluate a website

Let the buyer beware! Learn how to be a savvy consumer of information and products available online.