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Parenting and Adolescents With AD/HD: An M.D.'s Advice

Does your teenager have AD/HD? Learn how to keep lines of communication open while promoting his indpendence.

AD/HD and Adolescence: A Formula for Risk and Vulnerability

Dr. Sam Goldstein describes the many risks and vulnerabilities teenagers with AD/HD face.

Foundations for Resilience in Teens With AD/HD

Dr. Sam Goldstein tells parents how to reduce risky behavior and foster resilience in their teens with AD/HD.

Keeping Licensed Teen Drivers With AD/HD Safe: Parent Strategies

Dr. Marlene Snyder offers parents practical tips to help newly licensed teen drivers stay safe.

It Worked: 9-Year-Old Plays a Role in His Own Success

One mother explains how her son with AD/HD had trouble working in small groups at school -- and how she found a strategy to help him succeed.

Research Trends: Risk and Resilience in People With Learning Disabilities

Read what research tells us about protective factors that help kids with learning disabilities succeed despite their challenges.

Aligning the IEP and Academic Content Standards to Improve Academic Achievement

Learn how stronger standards for academic content can support your child's achievement.

The Complexities of Second Marriages for Parents of Teens With AD/HD

Learn about common challenges for parents and their kids with AD/HD in blended families.

Online classes: A choice for your middle or high schooler?

Thinking about an online class for your child? Learn how to choose a high-quality web-based school.

When Teens With AD/HD are Learning to Drive: Parent Strategies

An expert explains how parents can address the risk factors that arise when impulsive or distractible teens are learning to drive.