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Insider tricks for assessing preschools

Our resident school-choice expert offers deal-breakers and red flags on assessing preschools from a distance.

How to choose the right high school

Learn the three things to look for in a great high school.

How important is class size?

Class size is one of many factors to consider when choosing or evaluating a school.

Switch schools or stay?

One mother grapples with transferring her kindergarten daughter to a new school.

A guide to private schools

In the world of school choice, private schools are a viable option (even when you think it's not).

Summer school 3.0

There's a new and improved version of summer school in some districts. It's fun, kids actually choose to go — and it may be the key to closing the achievement gap.

Crash course on choosing a high school

Ready to pick a high school? Here's your go-to guide, including insider tips on touring, out-of-the norm high schools (IB, single sex, and vocational), and 10 questions to ask.

Crash course for choosing a middle school

Turbo-charge your middle school search with this roundup of what you need to know - from dirty little school tour secrets to the most essential questions you can ask.

Crash course for choosing an elementary school

Searching for an elementary school? This all-in-one user's guide gives you the lowdown on school choices, key questions to ask, and a printable tour checklist.

The top-five reasons to avoid a high school

High schools don't post banners announcing when they are failing. So how are parents supposed to know which ones aren't doing their job?