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Learning about a School's Approach to Reading Instruction

How is your child being taught to read? A reading expert explains how to investigate the instructional approach the teacher or school uses.

Talking with Your Elementary School Child about Learning Difficulties

Though it isn't always easy, it's essential that you have frank conversations with your child about his learning challenges.

Helpful assessments for struggling young readers

Many parents ask if there are ways to assess a young child's reading problems without going through a full evaluation. In this article, a reading expert describes appropriate assessments for young readers.

Seven great ways to encourage kids' writing

Spark your child's interest in writing at home with engaging, fun activities.

Bait-and-switch symptoms

Worried your child has a learning disability or behavioral problem? Make sure his eyes and ears are tuned in before testing his brain.

The long and winding testing road

Thinking of getting your child assessed for a learning disability? One mother's story offers a glimpse at the inefficiencies and inequities of educational assessment.

Could it be ADHD?

Signs that your child might have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Growing up with dyslexia: How I learned to succeed

A high school senior with learning difficulties inspires hope by telling his personal story of using determination and drive to overcome his challenges.

Does My Son Have AD/HD or a Behavior Issue?

My son is on point academically. However, he talks out during class, he doesn't respect authority, he makes fun of the blind child in the class, he laughs at the teacher when she is trying to discipline him and he never wants to go to...

What Do I Do When a Teacher Says My Child Needs Meds?

My daughter gets in trouble at school. The teacher says she is in high speed all the time, doesn't watch where she is going, knocks things over or trips over stuff. Her teacher says that she doesn't pay attention to her work, she does it...