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Helping Children From Other Cultures With Possible Learning Disabilities

Do you know a child from another culture who you suspect may have a learning disability? If so, learn how to approach the situation in a smart, sensitive way.

IDEA 2004 Close Up: Evaluation and Eligibility for Specific Learning Disabilities

An expert outlines the federal laws on special education evaluation and eligibility.

Fun and games: 8 summer reading activities for kids with learning disabilities

Help your child keep reading skills strong over the long, lazy summer.

Could it be ADHD?

Signs that your child might have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Math disability in children: An overview

Learn about the signs and sources of a learning disability in math -- and how to detect them in your child.

Disabilities through a child's eyes

We tell children "Everyone's the same," but they know better. And there's no shame in being different.

Is It ADHD or Something Else?

Consider these factors to help determine what is causing your child's attention or hyperactivity problem.

Managing ADHD with medication: An overview

If your child has ADHD, odds are that his doctor has recommended medication. Learn more about what treatments are available for managing this condition.

Growing up gifted with ADHD

Being bright and creative — but having a mind that wanders and words that elude you — create special challenges. One young girl describes her experience.

Is It ADHD? The Teacher and Doctor Disagree

My son's teacher and the principal say that my child has ADHD, but my doctor says he doesn't. What can I do?