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What teachers know

Great tips from great teachers that can make a difference for your child.

IDEA 2004 Close Up: Highly Qualified Teachers

Read about new federal teacher qualification requirements and their effect on your child's education.

Gabor Mate on "My teacher hates me!"

The physician and best-selling co-author of "Hold On to Your Kids" says American parents need to consider an entirely different approach to handling this.

Heidi Allen Garvin on "My teacher hates me!"

"Mormon Moms" founder Heidi Allen Garvin says parents should take it very seriously when their child comes home with this complaint - and take action if they have to.

John Duffy on "My teacher hates me!"

The psychologist and author of "The Available Parent" says that parents aren't necessarily helping their kids if they go straight to the teacher. Try this instead.

Sh*tty Moms on "My teacher hates me!"

"Maybe it's a good thing if your teacher says that," says Mary Ann Zoellner, co-author - with Alicia Ybarbo - of the book "Sh*tty Mom." Here's their anti feel-good response.

What to say when your child complains about their teacher

"Raising Happiness" author Christine Carter says too many parents respond by saying, "Of course she doesn't!" But this isn't the right approach.

The science of great teaching

Now that researchers are studying the secrets of highly effective teaching, parents can use this knowledge to their children's advantage.

Crucial information that you might not get on a school tour

As you walk the halls of a prospective school, you learn about everything from reading programs to recess, but asking these 5 questions will give you insight into the most important aspect of your child's education: the teachers.