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Your child and technology: what your fourth grader needs to know

Fourth graders use the Internet, educational software, and other tech tools to build on core learning.

Helping kids boost their brainpower

The brain is a muscle. Teach your child how to make it strong.

Talking to your young child about college

It's never too soon to start talking about college and how it can help your child.

Communicating with a tween

The tween's brain goes through a lot of changes. Here's how to cope.

Baby talk: Do you sound like this?

When it's OK to use your regular voice.

Signs of a learning problem

Worried your child has special learning needs? Check that homework.

Kindergarten basics 3: Learning to follow directions

Give directions in a way your child will understand. Step 1: keep it simple!

Helping your child learn good behavior

Letting children know what's expected of them will help prevent bad behavior.

Kindergarten basics 4: Helping kids learn to get along

Children who know how to solve conflicts have more friends. Here's how to help them with this important skill.

Kindergarten basics 1: Five key skills kids learn in kindergarten

Five important skills your child will learn in kindergarten.