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5 tough questions about teens, alcohol, and drugs - answered

To talk or not to talk? Is offering a safe ride home always a good idea? Should you come clean about your own drug history? Get answers to tough parenting dilemmas concerning alcohol and drugs.

Danica McKellar on "I'm bad at math!"

"Math isn't for nerds!" Danica McKellar, best-selling author of "Kiss My Math," wants kids, girls especially, to know they can learn to love math.

Jane Healy on "Mom, what's wrong with him?"

The bestselling author of “Your Child’s Growing Mind” says that before knowing how to answer, it’s essential first to understand what is going on in your child’s mind.

Been caught sexting

Her teenage son is a great kid. He also sends racy text messages. Is this just a sign of the times, or is he a virtual philanderer? One mom shares her strategy for dealing with sexting.

Falling short of failing

Not thriving, but not quite failing. Is there help for my boy in this educational no-man’s-land?

Betsy Brown Braun on "Mom, what's wrong with him?"

Kids notice difference, says the renowned child development specialist. A parent’s job is to deftly deal with the situation to avoid embarrassment.

Family man: Bruce Feiler on happy families

Father knows best? Not if you’re a 21st-century dad who realizes that happy families don’t just happen, they're made. The best-selling author shares his research on successful families.

Bipolar at 5?

When her daughter was diagnosed at age 5, she fought the label. Then she realized that her once happy, effervescent daughter was turning into a tormented stranger.

Raising a child with mental illness: What I wish I’d known

8 great survival tips from a mother in the trenches.

IQ like Einstein

What is it really like to parent a profoundly gifted child?