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Low-performing schools

Defining "low-performing school" can be tricky, depending on your state, your child's grade level, and a school's test scores.

What is a school voucher?

Revered and reviled, school vouchers are a hot-button topic in the school choice arena. But what do they mean for you, the parent? Here's what you need to know, state by state.

The dreaded school search

So much data – and yet so little useful information. Welcome to the conundrum facing every American parent.

The inside scoop on Montessori schools

Is a Montessori school right for your child? Get the lowdown on this child-centered approach to education.

What's a charter school anyway?

Misconceptions, rumors, and exaggerations abound. Here's the real story about charters, and why you might want to consider one for your child.

A guide to private schools

In the world of school choice, private schools are a viable option (even when you think it's not).

What is an early college high school?

Is your child eager for a challenge and prepared to tackle college-level academics in high school? If so, early college high school may be a perfect fit.

Special needs programs and schools: a primer

How to make sense of what's available and make the best choice for your child.

Is a Waldorf school right for my child?

Learn what supporters, and critics, say about this unique, child-centric program that favors creativity and hands-on learning.

Crash course for elementary school shopping

Charter, public, or private? Waldorf or Montessori? Language- or project-based? Get the lowdown on these school types before settling on an elementary school for your child.