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Boosting their brains

Kids understand that to get stronger, they need to work their muscles with regular exercise. Teach them the brain is like a muscle that can get bigger and stronger.

Parent cliques

Sure, they make other parents feel left out of the PTA party. But the biggest surprise is the damage an exclusive group has on parents, kids, and an entire school community.

Obesity and poverty: a physician's perspective

What parents should know about the complex causes of the obesity epidemic.

10 strategies to help a child maintain a healthy weight

How to help an overweight child, or prevent a weight problem in the first place.

Your child is gifted… now what?

Your child’s gift comes wrapped in challenges. Learn why parents often struggle to get their gifted children's intellectual and emotional needs met.

Gifted – or just privileged?

Some say gifted kids are a national asset – others argue they’re just the rich kids getting spoiled. Where do you stand?

House rules on drugs and alcohol

When do parents start talking about it, and what are their rules? Are drunk pickups, no questions asked, a good idea? See how these parents handle tough scenarios.

After the storm: normal fears or signs of trauma?

In the wake of Superstorm Sandy, children may be exhibiting signs of trauma. Experts offer ways to help them cope and readjust to life following disaster.

Superstorm Sandy: How your child can help from afar

Here are ways children can channel their concern into helping friends, relatives, and other kids.

The grateful child

Are children who learn how to count their blessings healthier and happier?