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Your fourth grader and social studies

Fourth graders focus on their state history while mastering places, dates, and regions.

Ask the Experts about fourth-graders

Find answers to your questions about academic problems and school-related behavior.

My Fourth-Grader Struggles With Reading

I have been struggling with my 10-year-old son and his reading for years now. I have tried different books, looking for what he likes to read, I've read with him, tried to be enthusiastic, but nothing seems to work. Now I am trying to...

Science and nature books for fourth graders

Whether your child gets his or her thrills from learning about creatures that live under extreme conditions or our flawed food system, these books will appeal to animal lovers and amateur environmentalists alike. Several of these titles provide helpful tips and messages of hope to...

Your fourth grader and Common Core: a cheat sheet

Ever wonder what the Common Core Standards really involve? Here's a quick snapshot of key skills your fourth grader needs to learn — and how you can help at home.

My Fourth-Grader Needs to Get Organized

I was in a parent teacher conference, and the teacher of my fourth grade son told me that he is doing very well; he only needs to be organized. At home we are also working on teaching him to be organized, in his bedroom, clothes...

My Fourth-Grader Complains About Another Student

My fourth-grader comes home complaining about the student who sits next to him in class. Apparently they have their desks right next to each other and the boy who sits to the right of him is left-handed and they are always bumping elbows. Also he...

My Fourth-Grader's Writing and Spelling Are Horrible

My fourth-grader's writing is horrible and has been since she started school. Her spelling is just as bad. She still spells by sounding out the words. When will this improve? No matter what I do she gets really frustrated and just quits altogether. I don't...

My Fourth-Grader Has Separation Anxiety

My child is in fourth grade and we are again going through separation anxiety. No changes have occurred in the home or our morning routine. But when she is expected to exit from the car drop-off area and go into the school, she freezes and...

Great learning gifts for your fourth grader

Fun and learning all in one with these 7 favorite holiday picks.