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Your fifth grader and math

Fifth grade math kicks off with a limited look at the wide world of algebra.

Unleashing the artist in your fifth grader

How you can help at home: Try these easy suggestions for encouraging the budding artist in your fifth grader.

Ask the Experts about fifth-graders

Find answers to your questions about academic problems and school-related behavior.

Your fifth grader and social studies

Students study Native tribes, revolutionaries, and others as they explore our country's chronology.

My Fifth-Grader Shows No Interest

My daughter does very well in school but is not interested in anything anyone else wants to teach her, including myself. In any conversation she disconnects and simply does not listen. She's also very stubborn when I try to help her with homework.

Help! My Fifth-Grader Is Immature

My son is fairly immature for a 10-year-old, both socially and academically. He is forgetful, disorganized and childish, which sometimes gets in the way of schoolwork and friendships. He's been tested for ADD, but he didn't meet enough of the criteria. He is smart...

Science and nature books for fifth graders

Scientists and inventors have a unique ability to captivate kids with their creations and, more often than not, eccentricities. These books let kids recreate Leonardo da Vinci's inventions, for example, and study the strange lives of scientists who experimented on themselves. Your fifth grader may...

Your fifth grader and Common Core: a cheat sheet

Ever wonder what the Common Core Standards really involve? Here's a quick snapshot of key skills your fifth grader needs to learn — and how you can help at home.

My Fifth-Grader Rushes Through His Homework

My son is smart, but he rushes through his homework and then gets some of it w rong. When I ask him about the problems, he is able to tell me the correct answers. How can I get him to not rush through his homework...

My Fifth-Grader Lies About His Homework

My son is not completing or doing his homework but what is more upsetting is the fact that he is coming up with clever ways of concealing and destroying the teacher's note. He is also being dishonest regarding completing homework. This is not like him...