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Poor Reading Skills Drive New Federal Initiatives

New federal initiatives aim to improve early reading instruction in schools across the country.

It's in the cards

A simple card came becomes a letter-learning extravaganza.

Make an Apple Pie

This fun story has it all: reading, geography, baking and pie! Enjoy this learning activity with your child.

Your Turn: Books You Loved as a Child

Thanks to the many readers who shared their favorite childhood books. At the top of your lists - The Cat in the Hat and Where the Wild Things Are.

Management strategies for reading

If your child struggles with reading, use these tips to support her at home.

Cause and Effect Game

How you can help at home: In this activity your child learns about cause and effect.

Audio Books & Publications

Learn about assistive technology tools called audio books and publications.

Letter Collage

How you can help at home: In this activity your child explores letter sounds by making a collage.

Is it a reading disorder or developmental lag?

Get expert advice on identifying and addressing reading problems in your child's early years.

A Clever Way to Get Your Child Reading: California's Reading List

Your child's STAR report has a great resource that will help you find books geared to his reading level. Here's how it works.