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Words that teach kids how to play nicely

Learning how to play well means knowing the right words to say.

The surprising truth about roughhousing

Science now backs up what so many parents instinctively know: a spirited round of rough-and-tumble play is good for kids, helping them build academic, emotional, and physical smarts. Here's why.

Video: Three easy school lunches

Chef Carlin Greenstein shares her recipes for healthy quesadillas, dips, and more.

When the teacher is the bully

Bullying has become a national issue. But what do you do if the school bully is your child's teacher?

What Can I Do About a Child Who Disrupts Class?

Do you have any suggestions on what to do when there is a child in the classroom who has disruptive behavior two to five times a week? This child uses unacceptable language, screams and yells, throws objects, and takes things from other students while they...

Help! My Child Lies

Recently I caught my 5-year-old daughter in three lies. They are all simple, yes, but her approach and answers to me were so convincing, it really has broken my heart. I am a single divorced mom and she and I have had a special...

My Son Copies His 'Cool' Disruptive Classmate

My son is in awe of another boy in his kindergarten class. He constantly talks about how "cool" he is and tells me things he does that are "awesome." The problem is the things this boy is doing are constantly disrupting...

How Can I Help a Child Who Throws Things?

My son is having behavior problems in school. When other kids bother him, he gets angry and throws things at them, like chairs and pencils. He also calls the teacher names and says he does not like her. Today he got suspended. I don't know...

How Can I Motivate My Child to Work?

My 5 1/2-year-old is currently attending kindergarten and had three previous years of preschool. He seemed ready for kindergarten, but the problem is his desire to work. Since preschool his teacher said that he was perfectly capable of doing the work, and when...

How Can I Teach My Talkative Child When to Be Quiet?

My five-year-old talks constantly. I am worried about him starting school and his ability to control himself. How do I help him to learn when it is appropriate to talk at school and when it's not?