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Five tips to help your child love learning

How to send kids the right message (at the right time) about learning.

How to talk to your younger child about sex

Really, really young isn't too young to talk about "it"

Raising a financially savvy child

Our readers offer their advice about how to teach money management to children.

Raising a financially intelligent child: focus on allowances

The authors of The Financially Intelligent Parent recommend giving your child an allowance - but don't tie it to chores.

Top discipline mistakes parents of tykes make

How to get your child to behave, and achieve more harmony at home.

The surprising truth about roughhousing

Science now backs up what so many parents instinctively know: a spirited round of rough-and-tumble play is good for kids, helping them build academic, emotional, and physical smarts. Here's why.

Video: Three easy school lunches

Chef Carlin Greenstein shares her recipes for healthy quesadillas, dips, and more.

Help! My child's motor skills are lacking

My second-grade son is well behaved and attentive and listens well. He is at grade level in all subjects. However, I am concerned about his motor skills. He can't tie his shoelaces well. When he ties them, they come undone in a few minutes. He...

My Daughter Is Being Excluded

My daughter is in the second grade and is having problems with some girls at the school excluding her from playing with them. It seems to be one girl, who gets other girls to do what she says. I have talked to the teacher several...

How Can I Help a Child Who Throws Things?

My son is having behavior problems in school. When other kids bother him, he gets angry and throws things at them, like chairs and pencils. He also calls the teacher names and says he does not like her. Today he got suspended. I don't know...