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Raising a financially intelligent child: focus on allowances

The authors of The Financially Intelligent Parent recommend giving your child an allowance - but don't tie it to chores.

Boosting their brains

Kids understand that to get stronger, they need to work their muscles with regular exercise. Teach them the brain is like a muscle that can get bigger and stronger.

The surprising truth about roughhousing

Science now backs up what so many parents instinctively know: a spirited round of rough-and-tumble play is good for kids, helping them build academic, emotional, and physical smarts. Here's why.

Video: Three easy school lunches

Chef Carlin Greenstein shares her recipes for healthy quesadillas, dips, and more.

When the teacher is the bully

Bullying has become a national issue. But what do you do if the school bully is your child's teacher?

How Can I Get My Daughter to Be Respectful?

My fifth-grader has gotten so she talks back and makes smart or sarcastic remarks whenever asked to do anything. It is so hard to ask her to do anything, knowing there will be an argument to get her to do it without any mouthing and...

Help! My Child Pulls Her Hair Out

My fifth-grader began pulling her hair out when she was in third grade. We first got help from her school guidance counselor and then her pediatrician. We take her to a nutritionist who gives her natural-herbal remedies, and we had her see a therapist (on...

How Do I Build My Daughter's Self-Esteem?

How can I help my daughter raise her self-esteem? My daughter is in gifted program in school and has been making all A's in the class. She's not very outgoing type, sometimes very shy toward new environment but loves reading and could become very talkative...

When should I intervene if children are fighting?

Is parent intervention advisable when children have verbal disputes or when it seems that a child is being excluded? Should one parent talk to another parent about her child's behavior, particularly when it is hurtful to another child?

How Do I Help a Shy Child?

My daughter is extremely shy. She will not talk to her teachers. Instead she pokes them and then whispers something she needs. She won't speak to the other students either, unless spoken to. On the playground, she finds something to do to look busy because...