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Kindergarten basics 3: Learning to follow directions

Give directions in a way your child will understand. Step 1: keep it simple!

Kindergarten basics 4: Helping kids learn to get along

Children who know how to solve conflicts have more friends. Here's how to help them with this important skill.

Teaching children how to wait

Kids can learn to make good decisions by learning to wait for things they want.

How to teach your child about self-control

Learning to control behavior can be taught from an early age.

Fun ways to learn self-control

These games and activities can help your child learn to control emotions and behavior.

Is your preschooler's biting and hitting normal?

Biting and hitting are aggressive behaviors that can be scary. Here's what's really going on when your preschooler hits or bites another child — and how to make it stop.

Is your preschooler good at school… but not at home?

Your preschooler’s behavior changes in different situations. For example, he behaves well all day at school, then turns on the bad behavior at home. Is this normal?

Is it normal for your preschooler to hurt animals?

When a young child hurts animals, the big question is: Was it accidental or intentional?

How to praise tykes

The right (and wrong) way to cheer on your preschooler or kindergartner.

If your child is being bullied

Advice from two mothers who decided to fight back